We are a group of individuals who teach, study and work in psychology and are trying to move the discipline away from its overwhelmingly White, Western bias (see how its biased here). We are directly influenced by the Why Is My Curriculum White movement.

We work at Leeds Beckett University and received a small grant from our Centre for Learning and Teaching to highlight this Western*, White bias in our BSc and MSc Psychology courses in September 2016. We know this bias is not exclusive to Leeds Beckett or even the UK, however. Therefore we have set up this website with the aim of signposting BME psychological and anti-racism work to begin to challenge this bias. We try to be mindful of the breadth and depth of racism in higher education and of the overwhelming need to do justice to BME psychological work. We know this website can only be one small step towards this. Therefore we would be grateful if you list any anti BME psychology or anti-racism work in the archive.

*A note on terms & conditions: Whilst we acknowledge that the Western/non-Western divide is problematic least of all in excluding Australasia we reason it is a useful proxy to acknowledge the greater wealth and dominance of certain continents (in particular North America, parts of but not all of Europe etc) over others (especially Africa, South America, parts of Asia). BME refers to Black Asian Minoritzed Ethnic and seeks to serve as a proxy to identify those disadvantaged by structural race against those privileged by it (white people). Finally, all views on this website do not necessarily represent the views of all project members.

~Glen Jankowski, Rowan Sandle, Kevin Hylton, Kirsty Bower & Sarah Gillborn.