There are many wonderful resources to help diversify psychology away from its white, western bias.

We have organised these in the following categories

  • Racism in HE resources: Research, reports and resources highlighting and offering guidance to tackle racism in HE.
  • Curriculum resources: Papers relating to HE racism or curriculum whiteness that are not specific to psychology. Also external archives/ signposts to diverse resources for the psychology discipline as well as others.
  • Teaching resources: Lectures, seminar activities and other specific teaching materials that can be used to build anti-racism into a psychology curriculum.
  • Psychology resources: Academic articles that can be used to design and diversify specific sub disciplines of psychology (e.g., developmental psychology). Also academic articles and reports relating to 1) the need to diversify psychology, 2) racism in higher education and 3) groups/archives dedicated to such resources.
  • Leeds Beckett resources: Resources specific to Leeds Beckett University (UK) staff and students including library resources that the university has purchased for a diverse(r) social science curriculum.

As ever if you would like to share your own resources or would like to help maintain this website please email them to