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BPS Presidents

Aim: To quantitatively assess White, Globally Northern, androcentrism across the leadership of the British Psychology Society, with a focus on its former presidents. Most of the presidents were identifiably men (N = 67; 79%), the rest were identifiably women (N = 18; 21%). We were unable to determine ethnicity (N = 20) and nationality (N = 19) for some presidents. Of the presidents where we could reasonably identify these characteristics, all were White (N = 65; 100%). The majority were British (N =61; 92%). The remaining five (8%) presidents were… Read more BPS Presidents

Student anti-racism: A case study

Of the successes of Decolonial Higher Education efforts, much is owed to BAME student activists. The #WhyIsMyCurriculumWhite, #RhodesMustFall and #WhyIsntMyProfessorBlack movements were initiated by students (and our project here was directly inspired by former Leeds University Union Education officer (2015 – 2017) Melz Owusu). In addition, as the recipients of higher education, and as those with lived experience of racism, BAME students are uniquely placed to input into these efforts. As Michelle Fine (2014) notes: “the people who have experienced injustice have brilliant insight into injustices, the nature of injustices,… Read more Student anti-racism: A case study

The ‘Race’ Attainment Gap

The Gap The ‘Race’ Attainment Gap refers to the higher chance White students in Higher Education have of getting a 1st or 2:1 degree compared to their Black, Asian, Minoritized Ethnic (BAME) counterparts. Nationally, the latest data shows White students are 13% more likely to be awarded these grades compared to BAME students, although this increases to 23% when looking at Black students specifically. Here at Leeds Beckett University, at our school of social sciences, data shows that there is a 23% attainment gap between White and BAME students (Craig,… Read more The ‘Race’ Attainment Gap